Videos that work

We create more than videos.
We create agents that help you achieve your goals.

  • Fundraising
  • Lead Generation
  • Educate and explain

Our Solutions

Researchers use our videos to explain complex scientific and social concepts.
As a result, they increase awareness, reputation, and get consulting projects.

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Entrepreneurs use our videos to tell their company and product stories during fundraising rounds.
As a result, they increase their fundraising effectiveness, get wider exposure and create a better image.

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Sales executives use our videos as a tool in their campaigns – leveraging the latest media consumption habits and trends.
As a result, they increase their campaigns’ effectiveness, capture relevant audience attention, manage to convey their main messages, and get higher quality leads.

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Organizations use our videos to explain various concepts – both internally and externally. They leverage our experience in explaining complex and challenging matters to wider employees and stakeholders (investors, public, and partners).
<be>As a result, they increase their reach, create engagement and effectively communicate the information they need to convey.

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What Makes Us Special?

We have unique expertise in transforming complex ideas into stories that achieve objectives.
We use a battle-tested proprietary methodology that includes several unique components –

Needs and objectives analysis

Defining overall objectives, target audience, success metrics, distribution strategy.



Converting analysis insights into a script, extracting a story from complex ideas, injecting humor.

Design and animation

Creating the visual theme from relevant references, generating an inspiration board.

Who Are We?

Vikki was founded in 2013 by a team of people who share a passion for science and technology. Our original mission was to turn *all* of the academic research in the world into engaging animations that would make the research accessible to a wide audience. 

This ambitious idea attracted many organizations. We have been fortunate to work with top-tier NGOs, universities and researchers – including several Nobel laureates. We have also enjoyed collaborating with media outlets, including our own Amazon Prime channel and Israel’s Kan TV (a version of the UK’s Channel 4), and Vikki’s YouTube channel has attracted millions of views.

While we may have diverted from the original goal, we have gained world-class expertise in methods to extract, distill and convey academic and technological concepts, and translate them into engaging content.

Over the years, we have served hundreds of startups, tech companies, leading universities and NGOs, helping them spread their knowledge and make the world a better place.


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